Corporate Social responsibility

We have a strong commitment to people and society

At EULEN Sociosanitarios, we are committed to society, the environment, quality and excellence in the sector. For this reason, we have developed a Social Responsibility Management system based on the following key areas:

Employment and social inclusion
  • 360 employment and training agreements.
  • 190 people with disabilities on our staff.
  • 85 female victims of domestic violence hired in the past year.
  • A people leadership and management model certified with EFQM 500+, the highest level of European excellence.
  • 81.79% of employees are satisfied with the company’s culture, values and social responsibility.
Partnerships, innovation and knowledge
  • 26 partnerships with citizen, scientific and professional, academic and business organizations.
  • An agreement with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) to create an international research group that analyzes active aging in Spain, quality of life and gender among senior citizens.
Ethics, quality and excellence
  • EULEN professionals are governed by a series of principles and values that are part of our Code of Ethics, to which all employees subscribe.
  • Since 2014, five Ethical Reflection Groups (Madrid, Catalonia, East Coast, Andalucía y Galicia) were created along with the Ethics of Care Committee’s advocacy group.
  • Our quality model is based on the EFQM European Excellence System into which models ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and UNE 158.000 are integrated, creating a Comprehensive Quality Management System (SGIC). We have been certified with EFQM 500+.
  • Expert professionals from EULEN Sociosanitarios are members of the leading quality forums in Spain (AENOR, AESTE, Club de Excelencia en Gestión, Edad & Vida and SEGG).
Society and the public
  • 78.1% of employees believe the company is committed to dealing with social problems.
  • Co-founder of Foro LideA (Senior citizen leadership:
The environment
  • An environmental management system certified with ISO 14001:2015.

EFQM System Report on social responsibility, diversity and leadership

EULEN Sociosanitarios has, as it does every year, drafted a report showing that we are firmly committed to people and society, thanks to our daily work and involvement in a range of collaborative projects that allow us to build a better society day-by-day.


2019 was our year in functional diversity and 2020 is our year in gender diversity

At EULEN Sociosanitarios, we want to help build a society for all people, for this reason, we dedicated 2019 to Functional Diversity and we are dedicating 2020 to Gender diversity, because we can all contribute our differences and feel unique on an equal footing.

Our staff includes 190 persons with physical, intellectual, sensory or mental health disabilities.
We all benefit from difference! Learning from and working with people with disabilities.


Logo GRI

Our social responsibility report is
published and certified in line with
the guidelines set out by the Global
Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guide G3 1, advanced level.


Logo The Global Compact

Grupo EULEN’s membership of the Global Compact
represents our commitment to supporting, driving
and disseminating the fundamental principles of human rights,
working practices, the environment
and the fight against corruption.


“We favor job creation, equality and partnership with scientific and professional, citizen and social organizations.”