Corporate Childcare


Your work-life balance as a way of life

We improve the support provided to company employees by launching initiatives that help with achieving a positive work-life balance, bringing children closer to the workplace with adapted schedules and activities at our nurseries. We will undertake a range of tasks, from the project’s feasibility study, its incorporation into the HR and CSR policy and advice on building work or adapting facilities, to the comprehensive management of the childcare setting or recreational activities.




  • To generate added value for the company.
  • To minimize investment⎯in terms of both money and effort⎯in setting up a corporate childcare setting.
  • To offer spaces for education and play that will allow parents to ensure a positive work-life balance.
  • To promote children’s continuous learning, complementing the family’s educational duties.
  • To increase satisfaction among the company’s employees.
  • To offer high-quality education and an innovative educational project.


  1. Feasibility studies for the corporate childcare setting, holiday clubs and play center: needs and profitability analysis.
  2. Consultancy work for HR and CSR department.
  3. Consultancy work and construction or adaptation of facilities in line with the educational projects and current legislation.
  4. Comprehensive management of the corporate childcare setting, play center or holiday clubs.



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