We provide support and company in your home

With our homecare service, we provide the necessary support and care so people can continue living at home, as we accompany them in fulfilling their life plan.




  • To provide the assistance and care required to undertake everyday activities.
  • To stimulate abilities, improve independence and promote autonomy.
  • To help improve the quality of life of people, with a flexible response to their needs.
  • To identify and prevent situations that could pose a risk.
  • To appraise, reinforce and support the work undertaken by caregivers and relatives in their homes.
  • To boost participation in activities promoting social involvement and relationships with the neighborhood and community network, providing support and advice through our specialist professionals.


  1. Personal assistance: personal care, moving, position changes, dietary support, etc.
  2. Domestic assistance: general cleaning and maintenance duties.
  3. Support inside and outside the home.
  4. Shopping.
  5. Support when attending medical and administrative appointments.
  6. Support for minors.
  7. Preventive and complementary actions (social work, physiotherapy, psychology and nursing).
  8. Family respite.
  9. Education in healthy habits and best practice.



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