EFQM Results and Quality

Quality and Excellence

EULEN Servicios Sociosanitarios’ quality model is based on the EFQM European Excellence System (level 500+), in which ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and UNE 158.000 are integrated, creating a Comprehensive Quality Management System (SGIC), aimed at obtaining excellent outcomes in our service with clients, users, relatives, employees and society.

After the last external evaluation in November 2018, we have obtained a score of 600-649, making us one of the first 15 organizations in Spain with the best global score of the EFQM model.

EFQM System Report on social responsibility, diversity and leadership

EULEN Sociosanitarios has, as it does every year, drafted a report showing that we are firmly committed to people and society, thanks to our daily work and involvement in a range of collaborative projects that allow us to build a better society day-by-day.


“We have a strong commitment to the quality of services, organizations and the sector.”



Expert professionals from EULEN Servicios Sociosanitarios are members of the leading quality forums:


Logo de AENOR

Presidencia del Subcomité AENOR de Ayuda a Domicilio. Miembros en los 4 subcomités de las Normas UNE 158000.

Logo de AESTE

Vicepresidencia y miembros de la Comisión de acreditación y Dependencia.

Gestión de calidad

Vocal del Comité de Gobierno.


Logo de Fundación Edad & Vida

Miembros del Comité de Calidad y Acreditación.

Logo de Sociedad Española de Geriatría

Miembros del Grupo de Calidad y Comité de Acreditación de Servicios Sociales.

“An important quality is the one perceived by all stakeholders (clients, users, relatives and employees, suppliers and society).”



Satisfaction with the service





satisfied or very satisfied



Overall satisfaction of employees

satisfied or very satisfied (1.010 surveyed)

Satisfaction with staff





satisfied or very satisfied



Satisfaction with the businesses’ culture, values and social responsibility

satisfied or very satisfied


written congratulations

from users and families


Leader satisfaction

satisfied or very satisfied (137 professionals)


Diversity System

The aim of our organisation is to promote a vision of diversity as a value that is enriching for all. Listening to each other and learning from our differences makes us stronger. That is why EULEN Sociosanitarios has created a Diversity System based on five fundamental concepts.

Ejes del sistema de diversidad

Diversity is a reality in our world, our society and our company. Working with a diverse range of people provides us with better and more creative solutions.

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Our year in gender diversity

At EULEN Sociosanitarios we want to collaborate in building a society for all people, therefore, we dedicate 2019 to Functional Diversity, 2020/21, to Gender Diversity, promoting the integration of equal opportunities between men and women, and 2023/25 to the Diversity Charter.

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In addition, we also, want to raise awareness among our professionals and join efforts to prevent gender violence and involve everyone in the task of instilling in society the importance of education in equal values.

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Our staff includes 170 persons with physical, intellectual, sensory or mental health disabilities.
We all benefit from different! Learning from and working with people with disabilities.

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