Care homes for seniors: organization and management

We want you to make our house your home

At our care homes, we offer comprehensive assistance focusing on individuals, which boosts their ability to make decisions about their lives, promotes independence in everyday activities and integrates and motivates family and friends to get involved in the center.

servicio publico residencias

Servicio publico residencias


  • To improve and maintain quality of life.
  • To adapt interventions to abilities, preferences and desires.
  • To ensure maximum self-management for individuals in their daily lives.
  • To encourage physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • To boost independent living.
  • To create an optimum setting for stimulation, participation, coexistence and family integration.
  • To protect and guarantee privacy.
  • To preserve and improve functional, cognitive and social abilities.


  1. Medical service.
  2. Nursing services.
  3. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy.
  4. Psychology.
  5. Social work.
  6. Social and cultural entertainment.
  7. Geriatric nurses.
  8. Pharmacy.
  9. Dietician.
  10. Restaurants and catering.
  11. Transport.
  12. Accommodation and maintenance.
  13. Religious services.
  14. Podiatry and hairdressing (optional).
  15. Other general services.



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