Private telecare service


We bring people closer, while we get closer to you

Telecare services provide 24-hour assistance so individuals may remain in their own homes.




  • To provide peace of mind.
  • To ensure trust and confidence through assistance from specialist professionals.
  • To respond and attend to the needs of each individual.
  • To adapt the service to your needs by complementing it with advanced telecare if required.
  • To provide an immediate response to a healthcare and/or social emergency by mobilizing resources.
  • To provide access to a personalized schedule with reminders.


  1. Basic telecare (for land or cellphone lines).
  2. Mobile telecare.
  3. Follow-up calls.
  4. Support in situations of loneliness, grief, crisis, post-operation, emergencies, etc.
  5. Personalized schedule (medical appointments, medication taking…).
  6. Advanced telecare that will allow for the prevention of high-risk situations through monitoring services adapted to each individual’s needs.



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