Hospital Sterilizing Services

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The hospital sterilization service manages the different material reprocessing stages, guaranteeing strict disinfection of medical and surgical instruments at all times.


hospital sterilizing services


  • To guarantee the supply of sterile medical and surgical material in all circumstances.
  • To ensure and supervise processes with maximum quality guarantees.
  • To ensure the proper functioning and condition of all material (review, repair, replace, etc.).
  • To guarantee traceability of all sterilizing processes.
  • To optimize equipment and use of surgical material.
  • To obtain indicators for cost and time effectiveness.


  1. Sterilization center management.
  2. Preventive and corrective maintenance of sterilizing equipment.
  3. Guaranteed Technical Management, ensuring and supervising processes and the quality guarantee required from the service.
  4. Sterilization center cleaning.
  5. Eliciting of Operating License issued by the Spanish Agency for Medication and Healthcare Products.
  6. Collection, cleaning, processing and distribution of medical and surgical material.



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