Comprehensive nursery school management

Children’s growth and learning: our purpose and our goal

At our nursery schools, we provide opportunities for children to experiment, learn and play, so they can discover their potential and the world around them through their curiosity and their interest in learning. The children lead their own processes and are constantly supported by their parents, who continue with their education while reinforcing the areas where the children may encounter particular challenges.


nursery schools


  • To generate friendly and welcoming spaces for children.
  • To promote children’s learning by continuing and complementing the educational duties of parents.
  • To foster independence at all levels.
  • To support a positive work-life balance for parents.
  • To provide children with the opportunity to discover the world through experimentation.


  1. Comprehensive management of nursery schools.
  2. Restaurants and catering.
  3. Dietician and nutrition.
  4. Complementary educational services (instructors, extended hours, etc.).
  5. Teaching assistants.
  6. Other general services.



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