Home-based Services


Always working to ensure your peace of mind

By receiving health and social care assistance in your home, you will be able to continue to live where you want, providing both you and your loved ones with peace of mind. We adapt our assistance to your needs, preferences and capabilities at all times.




  • To provide the necessary health and social care assistance at home, allowing people to remain in their usual setting.
  • To improve quality of life by helping to fulfill a person’s life plan, through a comprehensive health and social care assessment.
  • To promote a person’s independence and autonomy.
  • To guide and advise relatives and caregivers, in a complementary and support role.
  • To prevent situations of vulnerability and risk due to age, illness or other situations that may arise.


  1. Telecare.
  2. Homecare (personal and domestic help).
  3. Dependency assessment.
  4. Guidance and support for the caregiver and the family environment.
  5. Podiatry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing services, etc.
  6. Support and care for minors.
  7. Family respite.
  8. Other home support services for post-operative periods, convalescence, first-time parents, multiple births, etc.
  9. Telehealth and telemedicine.
  10. Palliative care.
  11. Hospital-at-home service.
  12. Comprehensive assistance for the chronically ill.



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