Mental health assistance

Different realities, one life

Through our mental health assistance services, we have access to psychosocial recovery and community support programs that allow people to improve their independence and how they function. We also support their inclusion in the community, under the best conditions for their quality of life.


mental health


  • To provide visibility and a leading role to people with mental health conditions and their families.
  • To recover a person’s life plan and support their inclusion in the community.
  • To prepare those who are capable of joining the workplace for accessing and undertaking work.
  • To offer support activities (cultural, leisure, social, sports, etc.) in order to restructure and improve the lives of people with mental health conditions.
  • To de-stigmatize the person with mental health conditions and fight against discrimination.


  1. Recovery and rehabilitation service.
  2. Psychoeducation and mutual support service.
  3. Community intervention and inclusion.
  4. Leisure and free time programs and activities.
  5. Family guidance service.
  6. Vocational rehabilitation service.
  7. Actions for fighting stigma and awareness-raising in the community.



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